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SmartSelect™ Interview Process

Given today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the complexity of problems faced by any employee greatly increases the number of competencies and desired behaviors required to deliver results within a given corporate environment.

Since human beings do not follow predictable patterns and cannot be accurately “modeled” using numerical analysis tests (e.g. psychometrics), GAC has designed the SmartSelect™ interview process to highlight a candidate’s critical thought patterns, problem-solving abilities and intrinsic behaviors -- all of which can be considered good predictors of future behavior in similar, albeit real, situations.

The SmartSelect™ process is designed to complement your own overall hiring process as it fits neatly into it as shown below:

Usually performed as a second interview on pre-selected high potential candidates, the SmartSelect™ interview process is performed in close cooperation with the hiring managers and provides organizations with a turnkey objective, quantitative and qualitative assessment of each candidate’s suitability for the given position and “fit” for the corporate environment in which he/she will be asked to evolve in.

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