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SmartImplant Assistance

GAC’s SmartImplant™ Assistance purpose is to help you develop your competitive edge by quickly optimizing business processes and putting forward methods to continuously improve on them. Therefore, the SmartImplant process is based on your own business strategy, markets and technology trends to gain maximum results.

Our SmartImplant™ Assistance encompasses many functional strategies while making sure to align them with the business strategy and among each other. This is the foundation for the development of the best hands-on solutions for a comprehensive operations strategy that allows minimized costs while optimizing service, quality and financial performance.

GAC’s consultants and engineers can provide customized solutions to achieve better forecasting and planning while improving and aligning your production operations with the other elements of the value chain. GAC will help you make the most of your production capacity and production yield, redesign and optimize your plant structure, reduce your work in progress, develop the most appropriate maintenance concept, optimize shift systems and resource utilization, optimize management and production related processes, planning and shop floor control and much more.

GAC provides solutions in the following areas:


      • Enterprise Planning (budgeting, forecasting, and planning)
      • Forecasting and Control
      • Reporting and Analysis

    Information representation

      • Data Analysis and Rationalization
      • Meta Data and Data Warehousing development
      • The latest in Scorecarding and strategic goal alignment through Corporate Performance Management.

    Operations Improvement

      • Process Analysis and Engineering
      • Production Management
      • Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing
      • Six Sigma / ISO

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