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Strategy Assessment Study™ and Market Assessment Study™

Many organizations find it challenging to commit time and resources to think about the future when fire-fighting and short-term results are becoming the norm. Making sure that today's actions are tightly linked to longer-term business goals and objectives is difficult, especially when a well-articulated growth and innovation strategy is missing.

GAC’s Strategy Assessment Study™ (SAS) and Market Assessment Study™ (MAS) purpose is to bring to entrepreneurs the business insights needed for the crafting of a strategic plan that will become the guiding vision and the framework for decisions. This plan will provide a basis for more detailed planning and will act as a building block for the creation of a sound operations plan.

Therefore, GAC’s SAS and MAS main objectives are to:

  • reinforce and/or realign the existing strategy via a review and planning process (strategy review and alignment workshops);
  • provide background information on actual and future industry trends as well as shifts in execution strategies;
  • obtain unbiased insights on market opportunities;
  • either confirm – or infirm – the actual business model and objectives and modify plans accordingly;
  • provide a basis for assessing the efficiency of resource allocations;
  • help in establishing the right framework for decisions regarding capital allocation.

The results of the SAS and MAS should thus be the starting point of any business development effort.

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