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January 2016 - GORD Associates Consulting (GAC) reappointed as manager of the MACH initiative for Aéro Montreal

This program for Québec's supply chain allows companies to consolidate their position as world-class suppliers.

The MACH initiative, to date, represents:

  • 47 committed suppliers (four cohorts) sponsored by 28 local and international OEM and integrators
  • 465 completed and ongoing projects
  • More than $12 million in total investments in supplier projects

May 2015 - GAC is selected by an institutional body for conducting a pre-feasibility study for the creation of a new training center and training dedicated to public safety

April 2015 - GAC commissioned to accompany a higher education institution in the filing of requests for support from governments to create an innovative research chair

January 2014 - GAC commissioned to accompany a higher education institution in structuring a model of technology transfer center and the submission of an application for recognition to the government

October 2013 - GAC commissioned to accompany the Belgian aerospace cluster "Skywin" in its implementation of the MACH initiative in Wallonia

September 2013 - GAC retained to perform the feasibility analysis for the transformation of a commercial office space into a private medical clinic with operating rooms

March 2013 - GAC retained as adviser to the CEFRIO in the implementation of the program 2.0 SMEs as the aerospace sector expert.

January 2013 - GAC reappointed as manager of the MACH initiative of Aéro Montreal

This program aims at enhancing the competitiveness of suppliers through a framework for excellence that enables suppliers to position themselves, identify improvement opportunities and act upon them. The program aims to develop a base of more productive SME subcontractors with distinctive skills that are better aligned with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, and who champion the best business practices and new innovative production technologies.

Today, the MACH Initiative has, in its ranks, 29 suppliers sponsored by 17 contractors, including Bombardier Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE Inc., Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Héroux-Devtek, L-3 Communications MAS, Sonaca Montreal, Mecachrome, ASCO and Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.

September 2012 - GAC to participate in the working group on small businesses and the supply chain as part of the Independent Review of Aerospace commissioned by the Government of Canada

The objective of the Review is to produce concrete, fiscally-neutral recommendations on how federal policies and programs can help maximize the competitiveness of Canada's aerospace and space sectors. Within the Aerospace review, the Small Business and Supply Chain Working Group is responsible to examine the issues influencing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses and effective positioning of Canadian SME’s in global supply chains.

April 2012 - GAC commissioned by Aéro Montreal to manage the integration of marketing Québec aerospace SMEs internationally following the merger with the Quebec Aerospace Association (AQA)

GAC’s responsibilities are to lead the AQA's merger into Aero Montreal under the Markets development SME working group, lead the Supply Chain working group as well as manage continuing operations and expansion of the MACH Initiative.

December 2011 - GAC retained for the analysis and upgrading of HVAC systems to convert office space to a private medical clinic with an operating rooms.
December 2011 - GAC is selected by a multinational to manage a project to overhaul an anode baking furnace for an aluminum smelter in France

June 2011 - GAC commissioned by Aéro Montreal to assume management of the MACH initiative, the development program for suppliers to the aerospace industry in Quebec

The MACH initiative aims to strengthen the supply chain structure and companies involved in it by creating special collaboration links among customers and suppliers. It will also promote the implementation of strategies and projects which will help fill in existing integration gaps of the Québec aerospace supply chain.

The MACH Initiative, is focused on developing supplier competitiveness by helping them in evaluating their situation, identifying opportunities for improvement, and taking appropriate action.


January 2011 - GAC chosen for the conversion of a commercial building into a private medical facility with operating rooms

August 2010 - GAC is chosen to assess and design upgrades to HVAC systems in a private medical facility with operating rooms

August 2010 - GORD Associates is chosen by the City of Montreal to evaluate opportunities and propose a redevelopment plan of Anjou's commercial park

June 2010 - GAC commissioned by Aéro Montreal to create a supplier development program in the Québec aerospace sector

The program aims to optimize the performance of Québec's aerospace supply chain and increase its competitiveness internationally and long-term support the strategic growth of the sector.

February 2010 – GAC appointed by a leading international group to act as project manager for the replacement of turbines of a hydro-electric facility in the United Kingdom. 

December 2009 – GAC is proud to contribute to the success of the Centre de Développement des Composites du Québec in winning a $2.1 million grant  

The NSERC grants this subsidy to the Centre de Développement des Composites du Québec ( CDCQ), one of two College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies affiliated to St - Jérôme's College, to move forward with a private-public research project to treat and reuse composites manufacturing solid wastes. This project was selected by NSERC within its College and Community Innovation Program framework and thus confirms the CDCQ’s innovative vision for sustainable development in the composites industry.

GAC played a key role in this project’s selection as it was responsible for justifying the project, finding interested industrial partners, structuring the collaboration model, structuring the project management plan, writing the letter of intent and formal full application.

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October 2009 – GAC to act as project manager for a construction project in the tar sands of Alberta for a world-class mining systems provider. 

August 2009 – GAC appointed by a world-class equipment manufacturer to act as project manager for an important project in British Columbia. 

September 2009 – GAC to design a "green" veterinary hospital 

GAC has been retained for the development of a « green » building to shelter a veterinary hospital. The notion of sustainable development in building relates to the usage of technologies enabling for a better respect of the environment and ecology in its construction and operation. For this project, GAC will design all electromechanical systems for the building and will also act as project manager for the construction and for obtaining the necessary LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification which, in Canada, is necessary for a building to be considered as "green". 

The LEED Green Building Rating System, developed by the US Green Building Council, provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction. To obtain one of the four LEED levels (certified, silver, gold or platinum), a green building must comply with energy efficiency standards, water consumption efficiency standards, heating efficiency standards, must use locally produced construction supplies and must reuse its materials surplus.

July 2009 – L’Institut du Transport Avancé du Québec selects GAC to come up with a technological incubator model and realize an opportunity study. 

June 2009 – Within the framework of the MDEIE’s “Mesure d’appui à la productivité”, a manufacturing company chooses GAC Strategy & performance group to support it with implementing ISO 14001. 

April 2009 – GAC chosen by an aerospace company to advise with its continuous improvement plan 

GAC was recently selected to realize an in-depth organizational performance analysis for a manufacturing company of the aerospace sector. The objective of the initiative is to take advantage of the economic slowdown which currently impacts the industry to heighten the operational performance of the company. The project consists, at first, in revising and reengineering the supply chain, the production and the client services business processes. At term, the company will be more competitive and advantageously positioned once the economy will have recovered.


March 2009 – A major real-estate management company selects GAC for a technical professional opinion during a long term lease negotiation. 

 February 2009 – GAC to support the Centre National du Transport Avancé (CNTA) in its strategic planning process. The project goals are to identify the CNTA’s positioning and produce the corresponding action plan. 

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February 2009 – GAC to act as program manager for Aero Montréal’s Supply Chain Initiative 

GAC’s services have been retained to manage Aero Montréal’s seven projects for improving the Québec aerospace supply chain. The ultimate goal is to enhance the competitiveness of Québec aerospace subcontractors by planning and executing a concerted action plan to solve major issues related to subcontracting.

 Aéro Montréal, the secretariat of Greater Montréal’s aerospace cluster, is an industry-driven organization that brings together all stakeholders of Québec’s aerospace industry that contribute to the development of this strategic sector including, companies, educational and research institutions, the unions and the associations. Its mission is to foster and maintain an environment conducive to increased productivity and accelerated growth for the industry.


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January 2009 – A College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies retains GAC to propose and implement a private-public research partnership for NSERC's College and Community Innovation Program. The program's goal is to increase innovation at the regional level by enabling Canadian colleges to increase their capacity to work with local companies and other research institutions. 

December 2008 – GAC retained by a manufacturing company to prepare a technical feasibility study and find solutions for replacing production compression systems. 

November 2008 – GAC selected by a building management company to realize energy improvement audits for its buildings. 

October 2008 – GAC retained by a major building management company, to realize a feasibility study for replacing HVAC systems in one of its offices tower. 

October 2008 – Musilab, the CCTT (College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies) affiliated to the Drummondville CEGEP, selects GAC to establish a research development and partnership strategy and prepare a grant demand to the Canada Foundation for Innovation. 

Septembre 2008 – GAC selected to improve performance and assure norms compliance of HVAC systems in a major industrial complex. 

September 2008 – GAC retained to diagnose and recommend HVAC systems modifications for norms compliance in a religious building reconversion project. 

June 2008 – A building contractor and owner chooses GAC to accompany to improve energy efficiency in its building renovation and new construction projects. 

May 2008 – GAC chosen to realize a diagnosis and implement a performance improvement action plan for a food-processing plant. 

May 2008 – GAC retained by a major Montreal hospital foundation to lead the design and implementation of mechanical and electrical systems in its 4th floor addition. 

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March 2008 – GAC to design an automated capping machine for a manufacturer of aluminum products. 

February 2008 – Industry Canada And Goup CTT retain GAC to realize a benchmarking and positioning analysis of Canadian companies opportunities in the U.S. transportation equipment industry (MOBILTECH). 

August 2007 – A biotechnology firm retains GAC to realize a technical analysis for optimizing its labs HVAC systems performance and costs. 

December 2007 – GAC leads a technical improvement study for a cleantech company’s products. 

November 2007 – A major Montreal rehabilitation institute chooses GAC to realize a process reengineering project for its rehabilitation technologies department. 

October 2007 – Hydro-Québec awards the "Partnering professional" certification to GAC 

 Within the framework of its "Energy Wise - Empower Program", Hydro-Québec grants the partnering   professional certification in energy efficiency to GAC


This certification thus authorizes GAC to request financial assistance from Hydro-Québec on behalf of its clients. These subsidies can help in carrying out projects involving implementation of electricity-saving measures in a building (new or existing), for processes and industrial systems.

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October 2007 – GAC retained by an environmental technologies company for the development of a growth strategy and a business plan for a financing second round. 

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May 2007 – GAC appointed by the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal to realize a benchmarking study and a branding strategy for their clusters development strategy.  

March 2007 – GAC hired by a cleantech green energy to containerize an innovative landfill-gas-to-energy process for the firm’s projects in Quebec and Mexico. Construction and project management will be GAC’s responsibilities. 


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