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The main objective of GAC's Business Consulting services, GAC recognizes that when our client's businesses grow, GAC grows. Hence, sensible and sustainable "Growth" is the foundation on which GAC's Business Consulting services rests. By assessing your current position in the market, identifying and analyzing new opportunities, GAC can assist clients in establishing growth strategies both in current and new markets and in developing new products.

The goal of GAC's Management Consulting services, GAC realizes that our clients typically know best what their business entails. Hence, at GAC, we strive to work with our clients to understand their business model, identify their needs and process work flow so as to eliminate the areas where bottle-necks occur. The net result is an optimized management model for the future.

The focus of GAC's Project Management and Engineering services, GAC delivers results in electrical and automation engineering projects by selecting partners and suppliers at the onset of the project based on who can deliver the right product or system at a fair market price. This approach delivers on time and on budget by trading the costs of the traditional engineering approach of "3-bids and a buy" in favor of a more cooperative "working together" model where each stakeholder adds their value and expertise. By managing the interfaces between the stakeholders, GAC can deliver projects faster and with less acrimony than larger, less agile, engineering firms who typically rely on long specifications aimed at detailing each stakeholder's known value-addition.

The by-product of GAC's experience in industry, GAC has developed a niche in combining technologies from other industries into improving process lines and equipment. From simple work reorganization analysis to full-blown production line modifications and machine redesigns, GAC merges its engineering capabilities with its consulting group to solve problems across the company's complete value-chain.

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