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Claims Management

On larger industrial projects, GAC provides Claims Management services to assist clients in successfully delivering their projects by:

  • Establishing claims management policies and execution strategies early in projects;

  • Developing cost and risk avoidance strategies (schedule acceleration or deceleration, bonus/penalty clauses, contract types, contracting structure, etc.);

  • Providing support to client staff on contractual and commercial matters;

  • Recognizing commercial and contractual issues that affect critical deadlines, hence, minimizing claims risk;

  • Coordinating completion of ongoing works with contract milestones;

  • Managing claims resulting from time, cost, quality and safety-related issues;

  • Tracking issues and corrective actions to minimize impact of claims;

  • Coordinating and expediting final contract deliverables with the end-user

All as required to effectively complete and close-out contracts for projects.

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